Frequently (and not so frequently) asked questions:


  1. I'm interested--can I pop by?  Tours are by appointment only--please contact us to schedule a visit.
  2. Can I rent a desk or conference room for the day?  Unfortunately, our shortest membership term is 1 month long.
  3. Are pets allowed at 695 Space? Unfortunately due to the sensitivity of projects that our members handle, the liability of having pets at the space is too great.
  4. Do you offer parking? Please check Whereipark.com (disclosure: referral link) for information about nearby parking rentals.  They offer 2 parking facilities within 2-3 blocks from 695 Space.
  5. Can I receive mail at 695 Space? No, but you are welcome to receive packages at the space.


  1. Are you currently open?  Yes, we are currently open and have availability for new members.
  2. Do you require members to be vaccinated? Per San Francisco DPH policy, no.
  3. Do you require members to wear a mask?  Members are free to go maskless in their own work space, and must follow the current city, state, and federal regulations in common areas.  As of date of publishing, masks are not required in any areas at all.
  4. What Covid-19 provisions do you have in place?  We are following federal, state, and local guidelines to ensure the safety of our members.  This includes the following:
    • All spaces are provided with a HEPA air purifier with UV-C sanitization on request to reduce the risk of Covid-19 exposure
    • We've installed a wall-mount thermometer for all entrants to check their temperature upon arrival daily (though this is not currently required by health regulations)
    • We keep windows open (when the air quality permits) and keep our ventilation system running 24x7 to ensure fresh air.
    • All members are required to comply with our Covid-19 policy, which is based on CDC, California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and San Francisco Department of Public Health guidelines.


  1. How much does a 695 Space membership cost?  Please see the fee schedule below:
    • Corner office: $1150/month
    • Regular spaces: $850/month
    • Mini spaces: $395/month
  2. Can I have multiple users work out of my space? Additional members can use your space for an additional fee of $50/month/person.  Of course, there is no charge for occasional guests.
  3. Do you require a deposit? Yes, we hold one month's worth of fees as a deposit; however, we have yet to withhold any amount from the deposit refunds to our departing members (except for lost key fobs/cards).

Machine Shop

  1. I don't need a space to work, but I'm interested in using the machine shop--is that possible? Unfortunately, our machine shop is available to members only.  Please consider checking out nearby Humanmade.org.
  2. Can you teach me how to use the machine shop equipment?  We are happy to orient you to the specifics of our equipment, but require you to have some prior basic familiarity with the use of each piece of equipment.
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